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~¤~Zetas watching over YOU ~¤~

and you wish you knew them !!

23 December 1988
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I dedicace this part to the other me. That is not me. Everyone has many oneself. I don't know yet how many I have. So I'll let them express themselves !

♥ fashion dieting ♥


I ♥ Mary-Kate Olsen !

I so want to be her, like her...

I have a passion for fashion

I also have a weird passion for skinny people that makes me want to be one of them.

I am a student. I love studying. I love reading. I am in love with history controverses.

I enjoy a lot politics. You can usually find me ploting some stuffs against some other guy. I am planing to make zetas coming out of their personal bubble. I know I'll succeed.